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Really, who does Serv Help?  And How does it help?

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Saved per Table

Customers order instantly, and pay as soon as they’re ready.

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Items with Add-Ons

Sell more add-ons than ever before thanks to a digital check out process

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Happier customers result in your business taking home more money.  It’s that simple.

Traditional Dine-In Restaurants

We provide restaurants with all the tools they need to succeed in a post lockdown world, as our low-cost solution includes complimentary tabletop signage for their guests, seamless integration with the existing POS system and payment processing integration.

Our payment processing solution also comes with access to a reporting and analytics dashboard, as well as the ability to customize how frequently you receive pay-outs from us. Sign up today to receive a free quote and product demo.

Food trucks


Food trucks today are prone to large groups in a free-for-all style of ordering.

It can even put you and your workers in danger if too many guests gather around the window.

Also, you might lose business that don’t carry cash!

The safer way
large QR code on the truck lets customers scan, order, and pay.  Or just order!  You choose.

Pool Halls, Airplanes, Lounges, and more

Wouldn’t it be better if you could let your patrons simply submit orders at will?  Imagine letting your customers order anytime, from anywhere. 

You Choose.

Customers want service now

Your patrons don’t want to leave the group experience to order drink and food.  Let them order anytime, from their seats.

Sell more Add Ons

Sell more add-ons and increase your average bill size with Serv’s easy to use and customizable ordering menu

Our Awesome Clients

Game changing ordering, seamless integration