A faster restaurant checkout flow built for restaurant owners

About Us

Founded in London, Ontario, Serv is designed to help restaurants around the world become more profitable by decreasing labour costs,  and increasing both average bill size and table turnover times.

With the Covid-19 pandemic having a permanent effect on the restaurant industry, the bottom line needs attention more than ever.

Customized Pay-Outs.
Seamless Integration.
High reward.

We provide restaurants with all the tools they need to succeed in a post lockdown world, as our low-cost solution includes complimentary tabletop signage for their guests, seamless integration with the existing POS system and payment processing integration.

Our payment processing solution also comes with access to a reporting and analytics dashboard, as well as the ability to customize how frequently you receive pay-outs from us. Sign up today to receive a free quote and product demo.


Serv’s goal is to help restaurants surpass their pre-lockdown profitability levels by decreasing labour costs, increasing average bill size per customer and decreasing table turnover times.

Partner with us to learn more about how we can save your business money, time and resources!