Battling the Server Shortage: How restaurants can save thousands on labour costs with SERV.

Find out how our free ordering system is saving customers thousands while improving table turnover times and increasing average bill size per customer

As our society returns to some type of normalcy and restrictions are slowly lifted, the restaurant industry faces yet another challenge. Having dealt with the loss of up to 50% of their staff over the last 2 years, owners are now scrambling to find any talent to fill up their already depleted serving staff. That’s actually an oversimplification of the problem at hand – as owners must try to do so while competing with all other restaurant owners who have also lost staff. In addition, owners must train these new hires in record-time to immediately adjust to the rising capacity limits and demand of customers who have waited so patiently to return to their favourite dine-in spots.

This problem sticks these restaurant owners in between a rock and a hard place; they must address their staffing needs and train people as fast as ever before, but they cannot risk having fast employee turnover while struggling to make up for lost profits. Many restaurant owners will attempt to solve this problem by hiring servers as soon as possible – an expensive solution that will most likely lead to high employee turnover rates, higher costs for the owner, and lower customer satisfaction. Instead of hiring, owners must turn to technology to maximize the efficiency of their current serving staff while also keeping the costs at an all-time low. Here at SERV, we provide restaurant owners with all the tools they need to do just that  for free.

How does Serv work?

SERV uses QR codes to place the ordering and payment power directly in the hands of the customer. Customers scan the QR code using their smartphone to access, browse, and interact with the menu before adding items to their cart and submitting their order directly to a server, who can accept the order with the click of a button. Once the order is accepted by the server and the food is served, the customer can pay directly from their phone at their earliest convenience before leaving the restaurant.

Saving Money Without Sacrificing Customer Experience

Empowering the customer to place orders and make payments directly on their phones allows servers to focus more on the customer service and experience while also serving more tables each shift. SERV speeds up the bottleneck moments of the dine-in experience where servers are typically stuck at one table for a prolonged period of time. By taking that pressure and responsibility away from your serving staff, they can now focus on serving more tables at a time which allows you, the restaurant owner, to save money by scheduling less servers each shift. Your restaurant will also benefit from a more efficient and interactive dining experience that will truly set you apart from your competition – all while providing your staff with the flexibility and freedom they need to socialize and serve customers on a more personal basis.

Get Started with Serv Today!

We’ve helped our clients save thousands of dollars in labour costs while also improving table turnover by up to 15 minutes and increasing average bill size by 12%. If you’re a restaurant owner looking to take advantage of our free QR code ordering system, fill out this form and a member of our support team will reach out to you!

Our team provides you with 24/7 technical support and completes the entire onboarding process for you. We can print an unlimited amount of QR codes to match your business needs and will also provide free training for your staff – all without interrupting your current operations.

Get started with us today and receive our QR code ordering system for free for your first 3 months!

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